Welcome to the Close Encounters Media Trail

Exploring Wessex through archive film, audio recordings and photography

Frank Gollop, Lyme RegisThis website enables people to ‘visit’ villages and towns in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire through audio recordings, archive films and still images.

The map below includes films made by Windrose Rural Media Trust and form part of the Trust’s desire to keep film archive alive, allowing future generations to enjoy a glimpse back to times gone-by.

The audio recordings include interviews with people who have lived and worked in the region and have been collected by young people taking part in radio projects run by Windrose Rural Media Trust.

Locations are also revealed through Windrose’s collection of archive films, some dating back to the early pioneering days of amateur and professional filmmaking.

Also, look out for our recommended links, which introduce the region through today’s businesses and organisations.

Use the interactive map below to explore the region through its media.

To move the map: hold down the left button of your mouse and slide the map as required
To zoom in or out: click on the + and – keys on the map
To select media: click on the video camera, stills camera or microphone icons
(To watch YouTube videos full screen, after clicking the Play Arrow, click on the YouTube logo.)

Note: you can view this map in a separate full sized window by clicking the  full screen icon  key at the top right of the map’s menu bar

** If map fails to appear in iOS Safari, ensure you have cleared your History and Website Data under Settings.

Close Encounters - funders and supporters

Trevor Bailey
Windrose Rural Media Trust
Corner Cottage, Brickyard Lane,
Bourton, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 5PJ
01747 840750

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