How Can You Help?

As a charity Windrose is constantly seeking funds for its projects and for its ongoing film archive. The more public donations it receives the easier it is to provide the matching funding necessary to attract support from charitable, public and lottery sources.

The film archive in particular has to have a long-term future and the costs of saving and copying films are very high. Endowments and bequests can make all the difference to its progress in rescuing films of local life. These films are the nearest we can come to living history but are also vulnerable to loss and destruction.
Your help will be very gratefully received.

To send donations or to discuss endowments or bequests please contact:

Trevor Bailey
Corner Cottage, Brickyard Lane,
Bourton, Gillingham, Dorset, SP8 5PJ
01747 840750

If you are a taxpayer and wish to make a donation, please ask about Gift Aid