Windrose Projects

Windrose Rural Media Trust is a charity which has a twenty-five year history of using television, radio, archive film and the internet for the benefit and pleasure of local communities.

This website, CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, is one of Windrose’s projects. It enables you to discover villages and towns through old films and new recordings about each place and through the perspectives of the people who live and work there. There are also website links to all sorts of local services and activities.

Farming in Wartime
Young people recording people who farmed during the Second World War.

Wessex Ridgeway and South Dorset Ridgeway
Audio Trails A series of recorded journeys through Dorset countryside, encountering local people and fascinating knowledge on the way.

Capture Somerset
Discovering and saving more old cine films of Somerset and training local people to chronicle life today on video.

Film Music 
New music commissioned to accompany “Dope Under Thorncombe”, a wild melodrama filmed by local people in the 1930’s on the Dorset coast (features on Close Encounters).

A Century of Salisbury District on Film
A publicly available DVD featuring a wide range of archive films, together with local people’s memories (excerpts feature on Close Encounters).

Dorset AONB Oral History Project 
One of a series of projects in which local people are trained and supported in making oral history recordings in their own communities

The Windrose Film Archive
Windrose is constantly saving and copying old films of life in Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire, so that they can be seen again in shows all over the area. If you know of any films please contact Windrose.

Forever Archive
A West Dorset project from 2012 that set out to increase awareness of archive film and its relevance to our lives today, and to put across that the idea of archive film is a continuous process – the films from a hundred years ago are a fascinating insight into the way we used to live and similarly, the films we create today will be of huge interest in another hundred years. (features on Close Encounters)